Moonlight Destiny (darkqueenakasha) wrote in vacosplayers,
Moonlight Destiny

seeking like minded friends

Hello. I'm looking to make LJ friends. I'm a virgo, age 23 and a female. I'm orginally from Wilmington, DE. I am founder of an anime club there called Delaware Anime Fans (DAF) and our Go club . I recently moved to VA Beach with my Navy husband. I'm looking to start an anime club in the Hampton Roads area. I'm into anime, cosplay, manga, video games, forensics, forensic shows like Cold Case Files on A&E and City Confidential, psychology, astrology, reading, pets, doujin, yaoi, jrock, harry potter, the paranormal, and may other things (which can be found in my user info). My dream jobs would be working in a morgue being a forensic pathologist or a criminal psychologist. I'm looking to make friends that share my interests, local friends are a plus and fellow Navy wives that can show me the ropes.

Personality wise, I'm withdrawn, not much of a talker. My friends label me as the "recluse." When comfortable, I open up and am often called the ditz. If anyone is familiar with Sailor Moon, my nick name is "The Black Usagi."

Feel free to add me on my sn poeticsadness because this is my secondary sn.

Thank You

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